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@GEsfandiari Boycott Sham Elections In Iran To Vote Is A RT as Full Endorsement Of Tyranny So Don’t Stain Your Voting Finger With Complicity!/MarkGKirshner/status/174972127986974721

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A Different Perspective on Religion

The Tenth Wall Spirituality & Religion

The Tenth Wall Defense of Baha'is of Iran Profilr

This is a video with a poem, both made by John Pilz. Religion has always been used by people in the past and the present as a disguise for sacrilegious intentions. In the name of religion; people lie, cheat, steal, murder and hate. Religion teaches honesty, loyalty, equity, mercy and love. The pundits (religious clergy and experts) change or ignore the teachings of religion to meet their own selfish needs. People have forgotten why religion exists – to build an ever-advancing human civilization. Religion is derived from ligare “bind, connect,” from re-ligare “to reconnect.” Religion teaches us to put our differences aside and work for each other. I see that religion teaches love but fanatics engender hate. Religion teaches peace and tolerance but the “religious leaders” advocate war and intolerance. People have the right to know true religion for themselves, and search for the truth wherever it may lie.