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A United Nations independent expert today welcomed the Croatian Government’s efforts to uphold and protect the human rights of women by signing and ratifying relevant international human rights conventions, and through numerous other initiatives at the national level. >
> Speaking out at the end of her first official visit to Croatia, the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Rashida Manjoo, also encouraged the authorities to adopt a human rights-based approach when dealing with violence against women in post-conflict situations. >
> “Violence from the wartime period tends to become privatized and takes on new forms as it manifests itself in the private and family sphere, where women are the victims of such violence in the vast majority of cases and the perpetrator is usually the husband or partner,” Ms. Manjoo said. >
> “The current focus by state actors on preserving the…

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Why Is the Number of Israeli Casualties So Low?

An Average American Woman

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In response to incessant rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, the IDF has launched a widespread campaign against terror targets in Gaza. The operation, called Pillar of Defense, has two main goals: to protect Israeli civilians and to cripple the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.

One of the most popular yet misleading arguments made is that Israel is not actually under attack, as proven by the low number of Israeli casualties ( .

“If Gaza was truly a threat,” goes the reasoning, “there would be more Israeli casualties. Just like there are in Gaza.”

The truth of the matter is that since the start of the operation, more than 650 rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel () .

Since November 14 and…

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Introducing the “Beyond Empire Avenue” Facebook Group

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beyond-empire-avenueThere are two kinds of Empire Avenue users, those who see EAv as just a game and those who use it as “social media rocket fuel.” If you just want to play EAv as a game, that’s cool; you can stop reading now and go back to trying to hit your next share price or wealth goal.

But, if you’re using Empire Avenue to advance your business, nonprofit or personal goals, then let me tell you about a new group of like-minded EAvers that are joining together for that purpose…

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