Regulators Frosty On Possible Wireless Consolidation


Regulators are not enthused about a possible Sprint and T-Mobile U.S. merger agreement, voicing concerns that further consolidation of the market could lead to reduced competition.

The New York Times reported earlier today that William Baer, assistant attorney general for the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, said it would be “hard for someone to make a persuasive case that reducing four firms to three is actually going to improve competition for the benefit of American consumers.” As the Times notes, Baer didn’t specifically detail which firms might be working to combine, but the subtext is clear.

Sprint shares fell yesterday on the news. Bloomberg reported that Sprint had received a “cool reception” from the Department of Justice.

The irony is that T-Mobile itself has been making waves, offering to pay the early termination fee of customers of rival carriers to tempt them to its service. Some are making the…

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Forgotify Only Plays Spotify Songs That No One Has Ever Played Before


Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.10.04 AM

Indie music? Pffft. Indie music is way too main stream, man. All the cool kids are into music that no one has ever heard.

Meet Forgotify. Forgotify tears through Spotify in search of songs with zero plays, playing only the songs that no one else has ever listened to.

Certainly, there can’t be many of those, right?

Wrong. According to data that Spotify released in October of last year, 80% of the 20-million-or-so songs on Spotify have been listened to at least once. That means 20% of the songs have not. That’s 4 million songs with zero plays.

Of course, there’s… probably a reason that most of these tracks have zero plays. Spotify isn’t necessarily known for setting the bar to entry very high, so a number of these tunes sound like amateur covers of a KidzBop cover that was, itself, based on a rough recollection of a song…

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Microsoft’s Next CEO Reportedly Will Be Its Cloud Boss Satya Nadella, Gates Could Be Replaced On Board


After a search that stretched for months, reports are out today that Microsoft will select internal candidate Satya Nadella as its next CEO. Nadella is known for his work with cloud computing at Microsoft and deep technical knowledge.

The company kicked off its hunt for a new head last year when long-time CEO Steve Ballmer announced that he would step down within a year. Nadella has long been a candidate for the role. If Microsoft does select him to replace Ballmer, it won’t be surprising.

During the CEO dance, candidates from companies as far-flung as Ford were discussed. Internal candidates rose and fell, including the company’s soon to return former executive Stephen Elop.

According to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang, the company’s founder and long-time chairman of its board could be replaced. The replacing of Gates would be more than symbolic. His stature on the board has caused some to fret that…

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Yahoo Detects Mass Hack Attempt On Yahoo Mail, Resets All Affected Passwords


The details are a bit sparse right now, but Yahoo has just disclosed by way of their Tumblr that they’ve detected what they’re calling a “coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to Yahoo Mail accounts”.

Yahoo didn’t disclose how many accounts were affected, but we’ve asked for clarification and will update the post accordingly. It’s possible that they’ve yet to nail down an exact number. Given that it was enough to disclose the news in a public blog post, it’s presumably a non-trivial amount.

The (sort of?) good news: it doesn’t appear that Yahoo’s own servers were compromised — instead, it looks like someone is firing off a bunch of login attempts using emails/passwords secured from an unnamed “third-party database compromise”. In other words: the attackers got someone else’s database of usernames/passwords, and are mass-checking for accounts that use them same credentials on Yahoo Mail.

In response to the attack…

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WordPress for iOS 3.9 Released

WordPress for iOS


WordPress for iOS 3.9 is out and now available to download from the App Store. This release is one of our largest app releases to date. This update is remarkable both for the significant changes we’ve introduced, and for the level of dedication it received from our hard-working team members.

Version 3.9 includes a major visual redesign of the app. We decided to drop the sidebar navigation and embrace a tab bar-based layout. The app’s new design allowed us to add numerous visual improvements throughout, including revamped and enhanced Reader, Comments, and Notifications sections. We also created a seamless inline commenting experience to make it easier for you to engage with the content you love. Finally, we made visual improvements to the editing experience of posts and pages.

Our team has embraced the latest and greatest technologies that Apple has provided us with iOS 7 to deliver you the best app…

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