War and Peace

My Life as an Artist (2)

‘My desire to be well informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane.’  Matt Keeland

This quote resonated with me and indeed recently, I have changed my habit of turning on the BBC news first thing in the morning, and replacing it with beautiful music. 

I listen to the news and read newspapers a little later in the day when I feel more fortified, more able to harness a constructive, positive attitude. 

Because I believe that a picture speaks a thousand words, I chose the following images which express the polar opposites of destruction and construction, of war and peace. 

During the Bosnian war, (1992 – 1995) I saw a photograph of a young child ravaged by the madness of war.     I made two paintings from the photograph. 

As a child of war, she represents all the other children who have, and are…

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A new painting on my Etsy gallery

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A short post just to mention that the painting, showned below, is now on my Etsy  gallery, still very lean gallery…but is there for you to visit, don’t have to buy anything just visit, a click away…and maybe if your fingers and eyes are not too tired you can also visit my main site JMR-ART , lots to see there, it is quite large with lots of things, but don’t worry you should not get lost, and if so, it is a nice place to be lost…:) and if you’re still in for it, there is also my facebook page JMR-ART , what a coincidence…and if you like it you may win, actually you are sure to win my gratitude and many thanks…:D

Un petit article très court pour mentionner que cette toile, voir photo ci-après est maintenant disponible par l’entremise de ma galerie sur Etsy, qui est encore…

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Egyptian Aak 2014 Week 8 ( Feb17-23)





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