UPDATED: Revolutionary and Blogger Marcel Shehwaro Detained and Released

Exiled Razaniyyat

Marcel Shehwaro at Bloggers' Meeting 2013 Marcel Shehwaro at Bloggers’ Meeting 2013

First she was kidnapped by a Aleppo Brigade.

Time: an hour ago around 5ish PM Syria time today 17th March 2014.

Place: Jisr Al-Haj Square, Aleppo.

Reason: refusing to wear the veil.

Activist Mohammad Khalili detained with her.

Right now: she was transferred to a court common i liberated areas called Hai’a Shar3iya. They’re both detained there.

Marcel gave her Facebook credentials to a friend and posted the message below (translated by Joseph Dhaher):

—Beginning of the message —
I am Marcell Shehwaro
I am detained by the Sharia’ Council because of not wearing the veil in the liberated areas
This is the story as it happens:
We were with a youth group involved in a revolutionary activity at the Jisr Al-Haj square
The activity was consisting of putting photos of the martyrs of the revolution in Aleppo and planting trees at the…

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Egyptian Aak 2014 – Week 11 (Mar 10-16)


Main Headlines




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Marrying technical prowess with the intangible…..

My Life as an Artist (2)

Marrying technical prowess with the intangible…. is the goal of an artist.

To achieve technical prowess an artist must work at honing his/her skills for years.   This takes dedication and consistent work habits.

To tap into the intangible, an artist must take from life experiences, inner feelings and emotions.

Although commendable, pure technique doesn’t make for sublime art.   In the same way spewing ones emotions on the canvas without any technical know how, although therapeutic, often leads to frustration.

The two elements need to be married.

When I visited the Joseph Mallord Turner, RA – Turner and The Sea – exhibition at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich,  last Friday, I was reminded of this.

Born in London, 1775 – Turner became a very successful commercial and fine artist.    For anyone interested in learning more about him, there are of course many books, however when…

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