Ornamental Vagina

Joan Barbara Simon Author

Sitting on that see-saw between science(of fiction) and fiction(of science), switching gears, switching frames. It not only feels good, it feels right:

i. Make up (verb): to invent, to create.

ii. Make up (verb): to embellish, to enhance.

iii. Make up (verb): to reconcile, put together again, to re-member.

iv. Make-up (noun): components, elements, constituents

To learn is to make up…?

I think of the language games young children so delight in when learning to read and write. The type we find cute for a time, then decide to talk such nonsense out of them, so they learn to do it right. Pity. It is precisely this type of play that is characteristic of one of my favourite writers. She makes up. And I, now adult –  head full of jargon I’m constantly questioning –  listen, admire and learn:

i want to live without words

call him…

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WP| Iran confirms arrest of Post correspondent

Flüchtlingshilfe Iran e.V. 2010

The Washington Post Iranian-American journalist Jason Rezaian, right, and his Iranian wife Yeganeh Salehi, who works for the UAE newspaper National, during a foreign ministry spokeswoman weekly press conference in Tehran, Iran, 10 September 2013. (Stringer/EPA)
Iran confirmed Friday that The Washington Post’s correspondent in Tehran has been arrested on unspecified charges.

Gholam-Hossein Esmaili, director general of the Tehran Province Justice Department, told reporters that the “Washington Post journalist has been detained for some questions and after technical investigations, the judiciary will provide details on the issue,” the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported.

“Iranian security forces are vigilant towards all kind of enemies’ activities, the official added,” IRNA said without elaborating. The brief report did not mention The Post’s correspondent, Jason Rezaian, by name.

Rezaian, 38, a U.S.-Iranian dual national; his Iranian wife, Yeganeh Salehi; and two other U.S. citizens…

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Special Edition: Gaza

By Nervana Mahmoud. Superb



Photo via AP

After 18 days of bloodshed, Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 12- hours pause in Gaza. I took this opportunity, to collect articles that are, in my opinion, worth reading about the crisis in Gaza. 

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Human Color

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photos taken by contributor Brandon Halley, a 20-year-old fine art photography student from St. Louis, Missouri. Brandon suffers from severe anxiety and depression, and is currently in recovery from self-harm. Realizing that photography and digital art were the only ways he knew how to relieve stress in a healthy manner, he started doing it more often in hopes of being noticed and making a living off of it, all while improving himself personally.

About these photos: “These are two images from a series of photos I’ve started at my university, called Menschliche Farben, or Human Color. I basically am trying to blend the human body in with the canvas, but also make it noticeable by using colors and other minimalist designs.”

Find more from Brandon at his website.


Please click here to donate & help BLC get up & running as a non-profit!

**Visit Broken Light’s main gallery here. Currently accepting…

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Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights

Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights.


Egyptian Aak 2014- Week 29 ( July 14 – 20)

Via Nervana Mahmoud


Soldiers funeral

( President Sisi attends the funerals of Egyptians soldiers killed yesterday near Libya.

Via Shorouk)

Main Headlines



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