New Muslim Covered in Pig Dung & Lard Tries to Explain



 Never Speak Name of The Prophet nor Dispute His Book That M never wrote #justsaying Blame All Hate on Scribes 

Respect Muslims & Islam : Rabbis Teaching Golden Age of Judaism was under Islam 

Beware of Spanish Inquisition 

Be Wary of Chritians Who Call Their Barbarism Civilization 

Respect to Muslim Women is Always Due

Take No Muslim Woman to Bed Nor Jewish Woman for The Rebbe must not be Shamed The Rebbe ‘s Rebbe May Be an Imam Do Not Tell

Upon the Prophised Invention of Social Media publish everywhere Except Vatican City

Do Not Believe What the Mostly Well Meaning Christians Teach in Public School

Honor Thy Mother Follow Your Mother Who Your Falther Was Taught to Obey

Honor Repect the Superiority of Women in Matters Before G-d

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