16 June 2016. From the Russian Web… SHOW WISDOM…

Voices from Russia

00 show wisdom man with accordion poland 160616


I waited some time to respond to the Orlando terakt*… I wanted to see “the rest of the story” come out before commenting (and making a great ass of myself, as so many others did). Well, the guy wasn’t a “Muslim terrorist”… he wasn’t an ISIS operative on the rampage in the USA… he was just a conflicted bisexual who trolled on gay dating sites and who beat up his wife. In short, he was a guy with a lot of “upstairs issues” who snapped and shot up a club. Don’t misunderstand me… it was a crime… it was a terakt in every sense of the word. However, there wasn’t a political or religious aspect to it. Simply put, a bonkers SOB was able to get ahold of mucho arms and ammo… that’s how lax things are in the USA. The mass murder was a symptom of…

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