In Loco Parentis If You Are a Young Girl Awaiting Your Empowerment Don’t Be Confused Liking These Images Doesn’t Mean You’re Lesbian


If you like the Art of Royo  you are not naughty or nice gay straight ot trangendered or a devil worshipper anything but active committed devil worship wouldbe fine – You may be just destined to enjoy fantasy art or become an artist. You feel attaracted to these images simply because they are beatiful images Or because they are beautiful images of idealized women – that’s OK as long as they do not make you feel ugly do not believe that Believe in your own inner and outer beauty .

Or you may be attracted to these images becauise these are Weaponized Women with Spears Arrows Daggers– They are Not Powererless Once you reach the age of your own Empowerment you willl not feel so powerless. For now stay close to other women for safety and beware of boys for now. Everything just for now you can change when you feeel ready. And if these images appeal to you because you decide when you are ready that you are a Lesbian Bi or Trans That is OK Also Let Nobody tell you Otherwise. But depending on your culture and circumstances be care you you tell



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