Through the Eyes of a Woman.. (The Things I Would Fight for)

I’ll be talking about things I’m interested in and have the will to fight for. Looking back at what’s been happening in the world, it angers me how men still look down upon women especially when it comes to employment, marriage, or education (mostly in third world countries). A lot of men in third world countries don’t agree that their wives or daughters work outside their houses because they believe that their major job is to clean the house and raise the kids. Also, even if some agreed and women did work, they still get low salaries compared to those for men. Also, when it comes to marriage, a lot of women are forced to marry young 15-21 and if a woman became 25-27 and still haven’t married, they’ll say that her train to marriage has been long gone. However, in some countries, children of ages 8-12 are being forced to get married to older men by their parents just so that they decrease the financial issue the family is having. I remember my high school teacher telling me a story of Rawan, an 8-year old Yemeni girl, who was forced to get married to a man five times her age, and ended up dying on her first night from excessive internal bleeding. I want to stop what women are going through out there and end their misery. Similarly, what happens relating to employment, also occurs when it comes to education. Women aren’t motivated enough to continue their education and as soon as they get married (mostly at young age) some leave school. Also, in some cases even if they continued school, they never go to college to pursue a degree. Nothing of this makes sense and women deserve to have every single right when it comes to being educated, choosing a husband at an appropriate age, and getting a decent job.

Source: Through the Eyes of a Woman.. (The Things I Would Fight for)

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