Inner Goddess


Inner GoddessAPRIL 5, 2016Posted in ABSTRACT ART, ART, ARTIST, GODDESS, MIXEDMEDIA, NEW ZEALAND ART/PAINTING, PAINTING, SPIRITUAL ARTTagged ART, ARTIST, FLORA, GODDESS, INNER, KIWIART, KORU, MAORIART, MIXEDMEDIA, NZARTIST, PAINTING, SOUL, SPIRITUAL, TRIBALEvery now and then I have what I call a ‘shift’ in my creative expressionThis was one of them This magical goddess appeared suddenly while I was fluffing around with mixed media, having my usual fun, music blasting, half dancing, swaying around the studio… boom, there she was !!Wow i thought… this is something I really resonate with, something I can get VERY excited about. I knew she was going to be the first in a series… the ‘Inner Goddes’ series, number One.How very satisfying.She is availbale for purchase Please message me if interested.reinacottier@gmail.comthanks…and oh, the usual shenannagins going on over at my FB page if you’d like to join me there©Reina Cottier ArtShare this:

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