Bang-Bang and aphrodisiac dew

Bang-BangThe siren calls“Hello” (click)Is life everythingGood books claim?We’re all voyeursIn search of discretionPeppering woundsWith remnants of pain;I’m fluent in EnglishAnd Silence too.I keep turpentineAnd paint thinnerWith my hard liquor;Open the windowI quiver and shiverSoilborne RedI answer to Blue;Guilt and jealousyNever served wellEating crowRather displeasing.Bang-BangThe siren calls“Hello” (click)Goodbye Yellow Brick Road“My Fair Lady” Please hold my hand;Time to fall downDream foreverA field of poppiesSo sweet the smell.Art was not foundedBy Sunlight:That’s why man’s pronePainting in caves.Bang-BangThe siren calls“Hello” (click)Is life everythingGood books claim? “Find what you love and let it kill you.”― Charles Bukowski    Edge    Fearless

Source: Bang-Bang


The siren calls
“Hello” (click)
Is life everything
Good books claim?

We’re all voyeurs
In search of discretion
Peppering wounds
With remnants of pain;
I’m fluent in English
And Silence too.
I keep turpentine
And paint thinner
With my hard liquor;
Open the window
I quiver and shiver
Soilborne Red
I answer to Blue;
Guilt and jealousy
Never served well
Eating crow
Rather displeasing.

The siren calls
“Hello” (click)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
“My Fair Lady”
Please hold my hand;
Time to fall down
Dream forever
A field of poppies
So sweet the smell.

Art was not founded
By Sunlight:
That’s why man’s prone
Painting in caves.

The siren calls
“Hello” (click)
Is life everything
Good books claim?


“Find what you love and let it kill you.”
― Charles Bukowski    Edge    Fearless


is an intense current
lightning be bed
a morbid donates wave
one zumbo reflux anesthesia
a breaking body florescente
a prehensile contractile voracious corolla ajar
and aphrodisiac dew
and carnalesencia
drunkard alveolus violated
is the thirst for her she and her slow slopes entremuertes that
crash and break up
even if God is their belly
but also the chrysalis of inalada larva of nowhere
a dragonfly marrow
one only nourished naked lubricious caterpillar rub
a succubus chupochupo mollusk
that drop depletes drop word of mouth
much much joy
very complete flushing
the entire shock! after shock!
the complete collapse
is a beautiful moated syncope
one cross! panther love plexus tropics
one knock out! Technical happy
if not a terrestrial hell Libido compound edén
the binder sediment precipitate lips
obsessive insoluble residue of a solution
one mechanism radioanímico
a biped suit seething
one robot! female electroerótico your station delirium
and lyrical-dramatic spasms
although perhaps a mirage
a paradigm
one eromito
a semblance of absence
a nonexistent pipe dream
naiads braids Ofelia
or just a ultraporoso piece of reality indubitable
a despotic matter
paradise flesh
a partridge cream. Oliverio Girondo Painting: Rimel Neffati .



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