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Muslims need political Islam; that is the fundamental premise of Islamism. We need our governments to be Islamic, our laws compliant with the Shari’ah, our religion manifested in the institutions of the state.When authority is divorced from Revelation, the result is inevitably flawed, corrupt, and oppressive government.

OK. It should be obvious, but seems somehow to be overlooked; if Muslims need political Islam, political Islam also needs Muslims.

If Islamism is going to develop beyond being a mere niche in the political spectrum, like other ideologically-based marginal parties, like, say, Communists or ultra-Right-wingers or environmentalists; the Islamists are going to have to start translating our ideology into articulate policy positions that address the real concerns and conditions of the masses.

I’m afraid that what has been happening over the last several years has been the opposite.

Rather than deepening their identification with the common people, Islamist parties have been reaching…

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