konstantinkacev25d0259a25d025b025d1258725d025b525d025b225d0259a25d025be25d025bd25d1258125d1258225d025b025d025bd25d1258225d025b825d025bdbycatherinelarose25283923BenedictionWhen sleep calls your nameAnd the lights have been turned downOnly the moon glowsFor those that need to be foundThere are Finders and KeepersLosers and WeepersCry tears of the Turtle-DoveFrantic for a handOf the divine or depravedWhen midnight’s memories raveWhile under waterNo one hears your screams or pleasOr holds soggy handsMemories don’t float awayInstead they keep sleep at bayUntil tomorrowThe mourning returns with strifeWho will save Your Grace?Let there be light — and bright smilesAs currency, paves your wayAs nightfall returnsHope for a Super-SaviorTo redeem your soulThere’s no magic to save youBabe, the dark is what you knowListen carefullyThe angelic melodyHeard only by fewDevil is in the DetailsDo these words ring true to you?One more sleepless nightSo when you’re scratching at wallsScrape away the edgeOf a mirror painted blackCome closer and take a peekTell me what you seeIs that your own reflection?That’s your only hopeThe one staring back at youIs the one sent — to save you.“The clear light of science teaches us that we must be our own saviors, if we are to be found worth saving.”― Luther Burbank, The Harvest Of The Years     *

Source: Benediction

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