editorial appreciation: good kate, bad kate

ALITTLEBITOFSEVEN is Nisha Braswal who posted this on July 14 1016 who was revisiting and reviewing an Article of the title”good Kate, bad Kate” which appeared in the March 2012 issue of W Magazine stylist Edward Enninful, photographer Steven Klein which he described as a Dream Team working with Kate Moss. The critique by Nisha Braswal writing as ALITTLEBITOFSEVEN is wonderfully written and illustrated with o retrospective of Editorial Cover Shots


For this week’s fashion post, I decided to look back at a magazine editorial that I love. I did this previously for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund spread in Vogue US but this time I am going back further. I want to revisit the March 2012 issue of W Magazine because it had a stunning fashion story, which provided two different cover images and featured the one and only Kate Moss.

This editorial, titled Good Kate, Bad Kate, also demonstrates the importance of a great team working together to produce a spectacular magazine spread. In this case it was the dream trio of photographer Steven Klein, fashion editor and stylist Edward Enninful and model Kate Moss. All three are widely known and well respected figures within fashion and I think the success of this shoot can be equally credited to each of them. However, I do just want to take an extra moment for…

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