My name is Stacy Gleiss (a.k.a. “The Six-Foot Bonsai”) and I lived multiple lives in the course of my long Japanese affliction. I was a teen bride of a traditional man, mother of two children raised in the culture, a karaoke queen, and an interpreter for automotive industry executives.  I see the world as a tapestry of man-made systems that fall short of the grand design but as a place with tremendous potential if we open our minds to that which we cannot readily see.  I am an analyst by title; a philosopher in fact.  I write because I have a few unusual stories tell.The pages of this blog reflect what I’ve learned along the way and my mission.  Here is a summary of each:Japan is about my perverse transformation– how it was I want from being a Michigan girl to a Japanese housewife and back again. We should never give up our values and adopt those of another person or place without careful consideration and good judgement.  Links to a few stories and facts about Japan are included.Frankly, there is a seed within all of us that contains the secrets to life.  We need to carefully examine its DNA and foster its noble properties.   Jesus expounds upon my bonsai tree theme and God.For a living I am a process and quality guru.  Frankly I know lean manufacturing really well and have a knack for applying it in US factories and office environments.  I have chronicled my professional philosophies under Lean.The best way to get to know me is by this short video.  It was produced by the First Church of God in St. Joseph  MI.  Personal Testimony

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