Shakespeare and Governance

Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility

shakespeare quoteOK, it’s over week since the four hundredth anniversary of the bard’s death. I blame my wife for this tardy production. She never reads these blogs, so I am safe.

But, of course, that is precisely what those in power thought right before governance crises hit. The Enron managers who emailed staff to say delete any smoking guns from you emails clearly thought that no-one could or would able to see them. This is much like my two year grandson Bertie who used to think that by closing his eyes and putting his head in his hands no-body would see him. But…. your sin will find you out! (Numbers 32: 23)

There is a lot of that in Shakespeare. So many of the leaders he portrays want to deny responsibility for what they are doing or have done. Macbeth, the straight talking Scottish warrior, suddenly wants to hide himself from…

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