12 Powerful Women Throughout History – Alexia Sinclair – My Modern Met

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12 Powerful Women Throughout History – Alexia Sinclair – My Modern Met.Marie Antoinette (The Extravagant Queen)It’s pretty impressive how Australian photographer and digital artist Alexia Sinclair is able to balance the beauty of fine art, history, and modern art techniques. “The Regal Twelve” series is a suite of pictures depicting powerful historical women combining photography, illustration, European backdrops, fashion models, historical treasures and symbolic references, digitally montaged to create works based on historical truths.“My influences range from Botticelli and de’ Medici circle to contemporary couture fashion designers such as John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. All of the portraits are inspired by the styles and fashions of each monarch and are reinterpreted into a contemporary visual narrative.” -Alexia SinclairChristina of Sweden (The Androgynous Queen)Catherine the Great (The Enlightened Empress)Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen)Alexandra Romanov (The Last Czarina)Elizabeth Bathory (The Countess of Blood)Olympias (The Sorcerous)Boudica (The Celtic Queen)Eleanor of Aquitaine (The Eagle)Isabella…

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