@Helen4SG Reformist UN Leader Who Draws Her Power from Empowerment of Others #Helen4SG #She4SG #NextSG

Mark Geoffrey Kirshner

#Helen4UNDP @HelenClarkUNDP @Helen4SG

Here is a New Zealander seeking to be the best in the world in her chosen pathway. In Clark’s current position as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, she is already one of the most influential diplomats in the world and likewise, one of the most influential females yet she still wants more. Despite New Zealand leading the world in giving women the vote, being one of the first countries in the world to declare itself nuclear-free and having one of our own be the one of first to successfully summit Mount Everest, we are achievers but almost humble to a fault. Our country of just four and a half million people should be celebrating the fact that one of our own is prepared to reach for the very top. In applying such ambition to the classroom, it is essential that all parties involved in the…

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