Paramore’s Canary

Art by Rimel Neffati

Copper Cranes

Photography by Rimel Neffati

Paramore’s Canary

Memories pass,

While candlelit shadows
Glide towards Hyde Park.
Under and over brambles
A deep swallow;
of tangle-wood,
The Dead Forest.

Vows of the search,
I do, I do  {{{echoes}}}
Reach for black light:
The dark side of the mirror.
Plugs of lead lie;
Forever, reclined.

Scents of pink, pale
While lips still, entice;
Rancid the taste:
Matters of grey, decay.
Sounds crushed
By Velvet’s wait;
Fervent for touch,
Decamped eyes.

“Each arrow you shoot off carries its own target into the decidedly secret tangle”
— Paul Celan, Glottal Stop                                                                           Complicated 

alt-J — “Hunger Of The Pine”

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