✿ Pavel BERGR ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


Source: ✿ Pavel BERGR ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


✿ Pavel BERGR ✿

 ‘E dimmi una volta…
che m’ami…
dimmelo sincero
senza una piega di voce
fallo scivolare
scivolare sinuoso
tra i capelli dolcemente
penetrarmi di linfa
fino al midollo
poi dimorare in un brivido
tra le curve della carne
nella dinamica dei sensi
la tua voce invadermi
come fossi già mio
come se già
parte nobile 
del mio respiro…’

~ Catherine La Rose©2012 ~

Pavel Bergr is academic visionary painter, born in 1957 in Strekov Castle, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic and works in painting, drawing, graphics and porcelain painting. Projects in conjuction with architects
Bergr has worked in co-operation with architects in the interior design of public buildings and is the creator of a number of permanent displays.
Bergr lives and works in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic.

‘And tell me once …
tell me you love me …
sincere without a foul voice
folds slid sinuously glide
through the hair gently
penetrate to the core of sap
then stay at a shiver so …
between the curves of the
flesh in the dynamics of the
senses your voice invade me
as if I were already mine as if
I were already part of the noble …
of my breath … ‘~ Catherine La Rose © 2012 ~

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