The Novelist Whose Twitter Feed Is a Work of Art – The New Yorker Alameddine, who now has about twenty-five thousand Twitter followers, has become a kind of online cult celebrity on account of these strange and mesmerizing threads. The critic Jerry Saltz has called his Twitter feed “a work of art.” “No one is posting better pictures online,” he said. “He’s an artist. He’s thinking with an extra wrinkle in his brain.” At times, the novelist is eclipsed by his handle: some of his most spirited followers are surprised to learn that he is also the author of a story collection and four highly regarded novels, with a fifth, “The Angel of History,” due out next month.

“The funny thing about my Twitter account is that I do it to avoid writing,” he said. When he writes fiction, every sentence is a special sort of agony, he told me, and while the welter of distractions on the Internet is a liability to many authors, Twitter settles him. “What I do is write a sentence or two, and then I post an image; it distracts me. It calms me down, then I go back. I work a little bit. I read the sentence. I hate myself—so I post an image. Then I come back. And it’s really disgusting. I write another sentence. Then I post an image!”

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