Reflection on Trump’s victory and the crisis of the liberal camp

5-Stars Excellent analysis of American politics by Dr Nervana Mahmoud “the Egyptian lady sitting in the last row,..”


“To the Egyptian lady sitting in the last row, if you want Trump, you can have him.”

I was attending a political conference that featured a heated debate on the US presidential election, and these words from an American delegate surprised me. He was reacting to my suggestion that Americans should learn from Britain’s Brexit vote and not underestimate Trump’s chances of becoming president. But instead of rationally addressing my concerns, he reacted angrily and bitterly. Later in the year, this bitterness surfaced again when I had the opportunity to meet two American politicians in a symposium, a Trump supporter and a Clinton supporter. An argument erupted between them when I rather naively asked about the American election and Trump’s chances of winning it.

The two incidents were eye opening for me. America, like Britain, Europe, and the Middle East, is not just deeply divided, but is facing winds of…

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