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BA, Sociology, Vassar College; MBA with Distinction, Hofstra University's Frank Zarb Graduate School of Business Administration, recipient of Beta Gamma Sigma Medallion Award; MS, Secondary Education, Social Studies 7-12 and 5-6 ext. and Business and Marketing (and Technology) k-12, NYS Certified educator. Formerly copywriter, editor, marketing communications manager, director and marketing professor. Brutalized by corrupt administrators at NYC Department of Education during Bloomberg and Klein's Reign of Terror on teachers, and currently a writer without income and an activist against the oppression of segments of our population, including teachers, the unemployed, the disenfranchised, like myself. It's time to rise up and take up the cause of fairness in taxation and spending, and to end political corruption and greed and the same in the corporate and education realms. It is time to say and show "NO!, We Won't Accept It!" I wish I was at the Occupy rallies. I could not come due to being primary caregiver for an elderly parent. My heart and faith are in people like the Little Old Lady in Combat Boots and the Army Veteran in the Seattle protest. I am grateful such fine people are in the vanguard of change for the better!