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Since the start of the Syria crisis, Tartous has been one the most stable governorate and is thus a natural refuge for IDPs escaping nearby conflict areas. It is a home to approximately 452,000 IDPs who came mostly from Homs, Hama, Idleb, Aleppo, Ar-Raqqa, and Deir-Ez-Zor and reside in rented apartments and shelters.

Source: Tartous: Growing mushrooms to enhance livelihoods

Khawla is one of those IDPs who used to live with her family in Aleppo governorate in peace before the crisis. Their neighborhood became suddenly under siege and violence and they suffered from malnutrition and bad health conditions as they were unable to meet their basic daily needs of food and water. A year ago, when the conditions in their area became unbearable, they fled to Tartous governorate taking refuge in Al-Kharab area.


“One of my brothers is missing, and the second one has fled out of the country” said Khawla; the 21 year old single women who found herself the sole breadwinner of her family in spite of her young age. She was living in a small apartment with 12 members including the families of her both brothers. “The rent was very expensive and we no longer could afford it. I spent long time searching for a decent work but I had no previous experience” said Khalwa, adding “I never imagined that I’ll see my family in need for the basic things in life such as food, I had to find a job to save my family”.


In response to the dire situation of the IDPs in Tartous, UNDP implemented a mushroom cultivation project to provide job opportunities for IDPs and their host community members and enhance their living conditions. Mushroom cultivation can help reduce vulnerability to poverty and strengthens livelihoods through the generation of a fast yielding and nutritious source of food and a reliable source of income, in addition that it does not require access to land.


Khawla was one of the beneficiaries who joined the project from its early beginning. She is working eight hours per day in growing mushrooms and receiving a monthly wage that has significantly improved her conditions.


“Thanks to this project, I can buy food and clothes for my small brothers’ and help my family to pay the rent of our apartment” she said with a smile, adding “I also learnt new skills and got more experience in growing mushrooms, I feel I’m a productive person and I have more confidence in myself”.


The mushroom cultivating project helped creating 50 job opportunities for IDPs and their host community members, in addition to providing 1690 kg of mushrooms to the local market at reasonable prices.

Suspecting fraud, U.S. suspends some Syrian aid programs – The Washington Post

The decision has affected the delivery of medicines, food and other vital assistance.

Source: Suspecting fraud, U.S. suspends some Syrian aid programs – The Washington Post

National Security
Suspecting fraud, U.S. suspends some Syrian aid programs
A Syrian child receives medical treatment at a field hospital in Douma, Syria, on July 21, following airstrikes on rebel-controlled areas. (Mohammed Badra/EPA)
By Louisa Loveluck July 26
While the White House has placed humanitarian aid at the heart of its Syria policy, the government agency charged with disbursing it has frozen more than $200 million in contracts, fearing significant fraud.

As fighting deepens night­marish conditions across northern Syria, the suspensions have affected the delivery of medicines, food and other life-saving aid to hundreds of thousands of civilians since December. An investigation into the suspected fraud was formally announced in April, but details did not emerge until a congressional hearing this month.

In Aleppo, a city shattered by violence, leading hospitals were brought to the brink of closure when they were left without financial support. Elsewhere, civilians displaced in baking heat received tarpaulins too small to cover an adult and food kits in which lentils had been replaced with salt.

“Despite our goodwill, bad characters have taken advantage of the complex situation for personal gain, ultimately denying Syrian people the food, clothing, health care and other aid they urgently need,” Ann Calvaresi Barr, inspector general of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), told the House Foreign Affairs Committee this month.

[A midnight strike killed a 2-day-old infant in Aleppo’s Children’s Hospital]

The agency has received at least 116 complaints of abuse, and 25 investigations have been opened, some two-thirds of which relate to theft and fraud. Contracts worth $239 million have been suspended.

At the House committee’s hearing, Thomas Melito, a senior official at the Government Accountability Office, which issued a report this month on improving oversight of Syria aid programs, said he did not believe USAID or the State Department had “any inkling” of how much money had been lost.

The problems underscore a wider dilemma: how to deliver aid in a war zone where most fear to travel. The U.S. is the leading humanitarian donor in Syria, but most of the $5.5 billion in American aid has been distributed through the United Nations and a host of partner organizations.
The United States closed its embassy in Damascus in 2012.

“When you work cross-border and without a consulate, things become very complex, very high risk, and very dangerous,” said Nancy Lindborg, president of the U.S. Institute of Peace and a former senior official at USAID. She likened the challenges of the cross-border operation to aid efforts in Somalia. There, as in Syria, aid workers have been kidnapped and killed for their work.

Earlier this month, Secretary of State John F. Kerry announced nearly $439 million in new humanitarian funding for Syria and neighboring countries.

USAID said this month that most partner organizations had not assessed the risk of fraud within their operations. The agency said that it is working to rectify this problem and that it has supplied partners with a new handbook on how to spot malpractice.

“When USAID learned about possible fraud in humanitarian aid for Syrians, we took immediate action to halt several activities in Turkey and to suspend individuals and third-party vendors from receiving U.S. funding,” spokesman Ben Edwards said. “USAID has learned from this experience and is taking additional measures to protect our assistance, including limiting the amount of relief supplies in any one warehouse, enhancing program monitoring, and ensuring that programs are immediately suspended or terminated in the event of fraud or diversion.”

International Medical Corps (IMC), a Los Angeles-based charity, said Friday that some of its USAID-funded procurement remained on hold, pending the outcome of the investigation.

In southern Turkey, current and former IMC employees said in interviews that a “mafia” of suppliers had conspired to rig bids, accepting substandard goods that did not meet invoiced specifications. “It was like a cartel,” said one senior employee, who, like others, was not authorized to speak to the media or feared repercussions.

IMC said Friday that it had also fired a handful of staff members suspected of involvement in ­“sophisticated fraud schemes.” “We are fully prepared to move swiftly should we find additional staff are involved,” said Rebecca Gustafson, a spokesperson.
The funding suspension led IMC to cut 800 employees, the organization said, most of them Syrians living in the war zone. Each of “those salaries would have supported about 10 people,” a former staffer said.

Also under investigation are the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a global charity headed by former British foreign secretary David Miliband, and GOAL, an Irish nonprofit group that supported dozens of bakeries in northwest Syria.

The IRC said Friday in a statement that it was working “openly and collaboratively with USAID to investigate this issue.” It said its Turkey-to-Syria cross-border programs have served more than 2 million people, “notwithstanding the scale, risk and obstacles associated with operating within a war-torn environment.”

GOAL said Tuesday that it also was cooperating with the investigation and that U.S. funding for procurement parts of its aid program had been suspended.

Although remote programming has brought serious challenges, aid officials say it’s now the only option to serve areas of Syria outside of government control.

U.N. aid operations run out of Damascus are limited in scope, their activities affected by the demands of President Bashar al-Assad’s government, according to some critics. The Syria Campaign, a pro-opposition advocacy group, accused the United Nations in a report last month of abandoning its neutrality through a “culture of compliance” that allowed the government to veto aid deliveries to besieged areas where figures compiled by the Syrian Network for Human Rights suggest more than 400 people have starved to death.

At a news conference after its release, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said the report “discredits the work of national and international humanitarian aid workers.”

“The U.N. has never shied away from calling out the parties in the conflict, including the Syrian government, for hampering the humanitarian work of the U.N. in Syria,” he said.

Reflecting on the corruption, a former IMC staffer said the investigation should act as a “wake-up call” for aid groups.
“You can’t get away with that sort of poor oversight and lack of procedure anymore,” the staffer said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Over 700 vital medical personnel killed in Syria: U.N.


Attacks on hospitals since Syria’s war broke out five years ago have left more than 700 doctors and medical workers dead, many of them in airstrikes, U.N. investigators said Tuesday.

Source: Over 700 vital medical personnel killed in Syria: U.N.


GENEVA: Attacks on hospitals since Syria’s war broke out five years ago have left more than 700 doctors and medical workers dead, many of them in airstrikes, U.N. investigators said Tuesday.

The U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria also condemned horrific violations by militants and voiced concern that Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants may have recruited hundreds of children into their ranks.

Commission chief Paulo Pinheiro told the U.N. Human Rights Council that widespread, targeted aerial attacks on hospitals and clinics across Syria “have resulted in scores of civilian deaths, including much-needed medical workers.”

“More than 700 doctors and medical personnel have been killed in attacks on hospitals since the beginning of the conflict,” he said.

Pinheiro, who was presenting the commission’s latest report to the council, said attacks on medical facilities and the deaths of so many medical professionals had made access to health care in the violence-wracked country extremely difficult – and in some areas completely impossible. “As civilian casualties mount, the number of medical facilities and staff decreases, limiting even further access to medical care,” he said.

Pinheiro also denouncedfrequent attacks on other infrastructure critical to civilian life, such as markets, schools and bakeries. “With each attack, terrorized survivors are left more vulnerable,” he said, adding that “schools, hospitals, mosques, water stations … are all being turned into rubble.”

Pinheiro said the commission was investigating allegations that the Nusra Front “and other Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups have recruited hundreds of children under 15 in Idlib.”

The brutality of Syria’s conflict is preventing millions of children from attending school, and activists have warned this is helping fuel militant recruitment drives.

Pinheiro also condemned violations committed by Daesh (ISIS).

In a report published last week, the commission warned that Daesh militants were continuing to commit genocide against the Yazidi minority in Iraq and Syria. In 2014, extremistsmassacred members of the Kurdish-speaking minority mainly based around Sinjar mountain in northern Iraq, forcing tens of thousands to flee, and captured thousands of girls and women.

“As we speak, Yazidi women and girls are still sexually enslaved, subjected to brutal rapes and beatings. They are bought and sold in markets, passed from fighter to fighter like chattel, their dignity being ripped from them with each passing day,” Pinheiro said Tuesday.

“Boys are taken from their mother’s care and forced into [Daesh] training camps once they reach the age of seven,” he said, as he called on the international community to act “to stop the genocide.”

World – Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights

Source: World – Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights


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Armed clashes drive growing displacement in western Colombia

unhcr.org – GENEVA, May 13 (UNHCR) – Armed clashes between illegal groups fighting for territory in western Colombia are driving a growing number of mostly Afro-Caribbean and indigenous peoples from their home…

UNHCR appeals to Kenya over decision to end refugee hosting

unhcr.org – GENEVA, May 9 (UNHCR) – The UN Refugee Agency is calling on the Government of Kenya to reconsider its recent announcement that it intends to end the hosting of refugees. The Ministry of Interior ma…

Switzerland votes on expelling foreigners for minor crimes

theguardian.com – Switzerland votes in a referendum Sunday on whether foreigner citizens who commit two minor offences, like traffic violations, in the space of 10 years should be automatically deported. Related: Sw…

Rebuilding post-earthquake Nepal with the strength of its volunteers

asia-pacific.undp.org – It’s been a year since Nepal was struck by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that wreaked havoc across 31 of its 75 districts. I remember watching the news in stunned silence in the Philippines; terrifyin…

UN rights experts urge Cambodia to stop attacks against civil society and human rights defenders

ohchr.org – GENEVA (12 May 2016) – United Nations human rights experts* today called on the Government of Cambodia to stop targeting civil society, human rights defenders, parliamentarians and UN personnel, an…

Queen Rania: The Syrian refugees I met are experiencing something worse than death

washingtonpost.com – Rania Al Abdullah is queen of Jordan. In his novel “Blindness,” José Saramago asks us to imagine a world where one by one, people lose their sight. The epidemic triggers apocalyptic scenes of panic…

Cheney, Unlike GOP Leaders, Tells Ugly Truth On Iran

investors.com – Iran Deal: The U.S. is about “to guarantee that the means of its own destruction will be in the hands of another nation,” warns Dick Cheney. As it trusts Iran, this administration can’t be trusted….

Donald Trump kisses Vladimir Putin on wall of Lithuanian restaurant

politico.eu – The source for European policy news from farm to market and everything in between. Complimentary trial through mid-June. Our one-stop source for daily trade news. Complimentary trial through mid-Ju…

African rhinos to be flown to Australia to escape poachers

france24.com – A retired South African sales executive who emigrated to Australia 30 years ago is hatching a daring plan to airlift 80 rhinos to his adopted country in a bid to save the species from poachers. Fly…

Landmark ruling in Guatemala a victory against sexual violence in armed conflict

unwomen.org – In a historic verdict, the sentences and reparations decision in the Sepur Zarco trial in Guatemala is being hailed by human rights experts as a major victory in accountability for conflict-related…

Workshop teaches Tuareg artisans new skills in exile

unhcr.org – OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso, May 4 (UNHCR) – Taking a sheaf of palm fronds in her hand, Tuareg artisan Bintou starts to weave a decorative mat to be fixed on a newly designed desk lamp that may one d…

Rich Refugees Saving Sad Switzerland

medium.com – Our long and bloody national tragedy grinds on, day after day, and yet, Switzerland’s suffering has been mostly hidden from the international headlines. When you watch the news on TV or skim throug…

These Twitter Accounts Nail The Absurdity Of Denmark And Switzerland’s Refugee Policies

huffingtonpost.com – A person who claimed to be one of the creators of @SaveDenmark and @SaveSwitzerland told The WorldPost that the Twitter accounts date to Jan. 15, one day after the Swiss seizure policy was first re…

Unicef denuncia la elevada cifra de menores palestinos abatidos por fuerzas israelíes

es-us.noticias.yahoo.com – Veinticinco niños y adolescentes palestinos murieron en los últimos tres meses del año 2015, en medio de la ola de ataques con cuchillo contra civiles y militares israelíes, indicó un informe de la…

Russia Warns Of ‘Ending’ NATO Missile ‘Threat’

news.sky.com – Vladimir Putin has said Russia is considering “putting an end” to the “emerging threat” to its security from NATO’s missile defence shield. The Russian president dismissed US claims that the shield…

Panama’s ex-dictator Noriega has brain tumor: doctor

france24.com – Manuel Noriega, Panama’s imprisoned former dictator ousted in a 1989 US invasion of his country, has a brain tumor needing surgery, his doctor, family and lawyer said on Thursday. The tumor, in the…

Poland’s president on NATO, his critics and the burden of history – Macleans.ca

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macleans.ca – Andrzej Duda, it turns out, gives as good as he gets. Poland’s president was in Toronto, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Ottawa this week to meet with business leaders, members of Canada’s substantial Poli…

Syria: armed opposition group committing war crimes in Aleppo – new evidence

amnesty.org.uk – Syria: armed opposition group committing war crimes in Aleppo – new evidence A satellite image showing severe structural damage from attacks in Sheikh Maqsoud on 25 April © Digital Globe, Inc. The …

Is there a leadership gap in humanitarian relief?

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UN Development

devex.com – In two weeks representatives from relief organizations, United Nations agencies, donor governments, and civil society will assemble in Istanbul to advance a humanitarian reform agenda. The first-ev…

Top Hezbollah Commander Badreddine Killed in Syria

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Nervana Mahmoud

voanews.com – The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah buried a top military commander Friday after he was killed in an attack in Syria, where the group has deployed thousands of fighters. Hezbollah fighters carrie…

Frontline Club

frontlineclub.com – As one of the world’s deadliest yet least reported conflicts escalates into its second year – and following recent announcements that US military troops are allegedly assisting Yemeni forces on the…

On the Ground in Yemen: Six Questions with Safa Al Ahmad

pbs.org – Over the past several months, the political crisis in Yemen has escalated dramatically: A capital city occupied by the Houthis, a rebel movement whose slogan includes the words, “Death to America. …

Iran: Teenager tortured into ‘confessing’ days away from execution

amnesty.org – The Iranian authorities must urgently halt the scheduled execution this Sunday of a teenager who was just 15 years old at the time of his arrest, said Amnesty International. Alireza Tajiki, now 19 …

Diala Brisly: Paintings of hope for Syria’s children – BBC News

markgeoffreykirshner.com – Artist Diala Brisly fled Syria in 2013. She now lives in Beirut but she’s well known inside Syria for her work on a children’s magazine that, amazingly, is still printed and distributed inside the …

Danish imam urges govt to accept child marriages among refugees

rt.com – Imam Oussama El-Saadi, of the Aarhus mosque in Denmark, said that child brides should be looked at from a “different perspective.” “It is an extraordinary humanitarian situation, and I think you ha…

Giving Global Citizens Confidence in the UN

huffingtonpost.com – As one who has seen the work of the United Nations from near and far over many years, I strongly believe the world is a better place because of its work. Over the past 70 years, it has helped end c…

Greece / Migrant crisis: UN expert launches follow-up visit to assess impact on human rights

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UN Women

ohchr.org – GENEVA (9 May 2016) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, François Crépeau, will visit Greece from 12 to 16 May 2016 to gather information on the complex manageme…

The Missing Men in Violence Against Women

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UN Women

worldbank.org – The time has come to shift our thinking and approach.  We need to turn our attention to the behavior and motivations of the men and ask a different set of questions. What is going on with the men w…

The UNDP’s take on the humanitarian-development nexus and #WHS16

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UN Development

devex.com – Questions about how best to shrink the gap between humanitarian relief and development are nothing new. Twenty years ago, when Izumi Nakamitsu, who is now the director of the United Nations Develop…

French leaders backtrack on support for UNESCO resolution on Temple Mount – Jewish World News

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Nervana Mahmoud

haaretz.com – French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday lamented his country’s vote in favor of a controversial UNESCO resolution on the Temple Mount, saying its wording was “unfortunate and clumsy” and shou…

ISIS’s Unprecedented Campaign Promoting Sinai

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Nervana Mahmoud

huffingtonpost.com – In an unprecedented move, the Islamic State launched an extensive coordinated campaign in which 14 of its “provinces” (regional divisions) released propaganda videos promoting Egyptian affiliate Wi…

Let The Fire Burn, And Ferguson

samirchopra.com – Jason Osder‘s searing Let the Fire Burn–a documentary about the tragic standoff between the radical black liberation group MOVE and the Philadelphia city administration in 1985–is ostensibly a docu…

Here’s How a Trump Presidency Could Actually Happen

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Margo Kingston

theatlantic.com – Elections are always clearer in retrospect than they appeared in prospect. So I thought it might be interesting to imagine the column a pundit like me might write next year, to explain an upset vic…

Gen. Lori Robinson becomes first woman to lead top-tier U.S. combat command

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airforcetimes.com – PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — Air Force Gen. Lori J. Robinson on Friday became the first woman to lead a top-tier U.S. warfighting command when she took over as leader of the North American Aero…

Wikileaks revela supuestas reuniones de Temer con funcionarios de EU en Brasil

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Silas Lima

expansion.mx – El portal Wikileaks reveló este viernes que el presidente interino de Brasil, Michel Temer, sostuvo al menos dos reuniones con funcionarios de la embajada de Estados Unidos en Brasilia para tratar …

La justicia mexicana afirma que los 43 normalistas fueron ejecutados

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Margo Glantz

internacional.elpais.com – Los 43 normalistas del Estado mexicano de Guerrero desaparecidos desde el 26 de septiembre de 2014 no fueron víctimas de desaparición forzada sino ejecutados, afirmaron jueces federales en una seri…

‘Lesser evil is not a solution’: Green Party candidates debate on RT America

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rt.com – Three out of five candidates for the party’s presidential nomination – Jill Stein, Kent Mesplay and Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry – joined RT America’s Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace an…

Gaza red carpet event ‘mirrors Cannes Film Festival’ – AJE News

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Barry Malone

aljazeera.com – The second annual Human Rights Film Festival is underway in Gaza, bringing a measure of glitz and glamour to a city that continues to be under Israeli siege. While the Hollywood elite are turning o…

Iran Sends Afghan Refugees Off to Jihad in Syria | Clarion Project

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S M Zafer

clarionproject.org – Public reporting and information provided to the Clarion Project by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, an Iranian opposition group, shows that the Iranian regime is exploiting the Afghans …

David Miliband wants work rights for refugees – BBC News

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Andrew Purvis

bbc.co.uk – “Hellish,” he tells me. And I am struck by the force of his language. This is the former British foreign secretary speaking – a man used to couching his language diplomatically when he talks of for…

Almost 200 refugees on Nauru arrested as police crack down on peaceful protests

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David Lunt

theguardian.com – Almost 200 refugees, including several children, have been arrested on Nauru for protesting in the island’s capital, as video has emerged showing refugees being assaulted as they protested peaceful…

Poland Refuses To Accept Any Refugees “As They Pose A Threat To Security”, Will Not Comply With European “Blackmail”

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zerohedge.com – Seemingly unfazed by the recent European Commission proposal to punish countries which refuse to comply with “fair” refugee allocation quotas with fines as high as €250,000 per asylum seeker, the h…

Up in smoke: 45 arson attacks carried out on refugee centers in Germany in 2016

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Mohaimen Barson

rt.com – Holger Munch, president of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), revealed the alarming statistics.  “This year there have already been 45 arson cases at refugee centers,” Munch said in a…

The Palestinians of Yarmouk and the shameful silence when Israel is not to blame | Mehdi Hasan

theguardian.com – Palestinian refugees are being starved, bombed and gunned down like animals. “If you want to feed your children, you need to take your funeral shroud with you,” one told Israeli news website Ynet. …

Life as a North Korean Refugee

nytimes.com – SEOUL, South Korea — FOR years, thousands of North Koreans have been sneaking across the border into China to escape oppression. The Chinese authorities routinely hunt down defectors and return the…

Mission accomplished for refugees? Think again

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Mark Gilkyson

torontosun.com – In 2003, US President George W. Bush hosted a televised news conference from a naval ship to give an update on the war in Iraq. The USS Abraham Lincoln had just returned from a successful mission i…

Palestinian refugees mark 68th Nakba Day in Haifa – Days of Palestine

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J Parkkonen

daysofpalestine.com – Days of Palestine, Haifa -Hundreds of Palestinians marked on Saturday 68th Palestinian Nakba Day as they organised ‘March of Return’ in occupied Palestinian city of Haifa. The march was organised i…

Burundi Refugees Tell of New Horrors

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tracks.unhcr.org – Friends intercepted scrap-metal dealer Abdul Yamuremye as he walked to his house in a middle-class suburb of Bujumbura, Burundi’s capital, with his wife, Hadija, their six-year-old son and their in…

Hackers, lawmaker put reporters at risk in Ukraine

cpj.org – A group of hackers on May 7 announced on a website called Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) that they had breached computers pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine used to keep track of journalists they…

UN News – UN refugee agency reports some 1,000 refugees and migrants rescued off Italian coast

un.org – 13 May 2016 – Some 1,000 people of various nationalities, including refugee families and unaccompanied children, were rescued yesterday from the Mediterranean Sea, the UN refugee agency said today….

Palestinian Refugees in Gaza Recall, ‘Torn Bodies’ and Long for Return – Palestine Chronicle

palestinechronicle.com – The horror of ethnic cleansing campaigns carried out against hundreds of Palestinian villages in 1948 by Zionists militias still haunt survivors 68 years on. Palestinians in Gaza, 80 % of whom are …

Odilon Redon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

en.wikipedia.org – Odilon Redon was born in Bordeaux, Aquitaine, to a prosperous family. The young Bertrand-Jean Redon acquired the nickname “Odilon” from his mother, Odile.[2] Redon started drawing as a child; and, …

Egypt’s Atlantis: Amazing artifacts from ancient underwater world go on display (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

rt.com – French underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio first discovered Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus, submerged at the mouth of the River Nile, in 2000 – over 1,000 years after they were swallowed by the M…

Edward Hopper: Realismo americano del siglo XX y Escuela Ashcan – Trianarts

trianarts.com – Nació en Nyack, pequeña ciudad a orillas del Hudson, dentro de una familia burguesa y culta, el 22 de julio de 1882. Se formó a partir de 1900, en la New York School of Art. En la Escuela coincidir…

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Social Media Manager

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Strong Social

strongsocial.ca – There comes a time when every business owner realizes they should hire a social media manager. At first, you might think you can do it yourself. And sure, that’s a great way to save money if you ha…


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serendipitousinfinity.tumblr.com – #Tom Hardy #hot #tomhardy #trucker hat #tom hardy interview #tom hardy gifs #not mine sarutpestomaculgol liked this yeslifesapeach liked this jelly-freak reblogged this from serendipitousinfinity a…

No 3-D Printer? Try This Compact Machine, Powered By Your Own Vacuum

fastcodesign.com – Vacuum forming is an industrial process typically used in large factories, whereby plastic sheets are melted and then sealed against molds to create common objects. ATM machines are made this way, …

Hemingway’s Advice on Writing, Ambition, the Art of Revision, and His Reading List of Essential Books for Aspiring Writers

brainpickings.org – “As a writer you should not judge. You should understand,” Ernest Hemingway (July 21, 1899–July 2, 1961) counseled in his 1935 Esquire compendium of writing advice, addressed to an archetypal young…


ebay.co.uk – Items in search results PETE RUMNEY FINE ART ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING ON A LONDON NIGHT 61cm x 76.2cm HAND PAINTED BY BRITISH ARTIST IN THE UK – ORIGINAL ART £780.00 + £12.95 postage New listing P…

Women show the way

np.undp.org – Eight young women entrepreneurs, armed with determination and confidence in their skills, prove to be role models for their village flattened by the April 2015 earthquake.  A crowd had gathered in …

VOTE for HEROES – Bournemouth

ukok.page.tl – UK RMT GCHQ Nigeria BREXIT HEROES Mindanao Education Philippines Royal Navy What we do SaveTheNHS YES Scotland Bournemouth Arrest Cameron RMT NHS BREXIT BRexit to PARADISE Common Sense CommonWealth…

America’s Best Cities for Italian Food

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thedailymeal.com – The Italian restaurant in America has changed in style probably more than any other genre of restaurant over the past several decades. Even as recently as 50 years ago, the term “Italian restaurant…

‘The Buddha Said All Were Equal’: Thailand’s Female Monks Fight for Recognition | Broadly

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UN Women

broadly.vice.com – Venerable Dhammananda, the most senior monk at Songdhammakalyani Monastery, in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, is laughing. Her protege, Venerable Dhammavanna, a 39-year-old former journalist, has just to…

Psycho-social assessments help address needs of women and girls in Fiji

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UN Women

unwomen.org – “Some of them just wanted to talk and share what they went through. How they survived the night, the nightmares, being trapped under the roof … they were just happy we came to them.” Saral Chand is…

Zoe Saldana: Why Our Children Need Us to Rally for Change – Global Moms Challenge

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UN Women

globalmomschallenge.org – Every time you ‘like’ and share this post, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 (per social action), up to $350,000, via the Global Moms Relay, to help improve the health and well-being of families wor…

Period Shaming in India Must Stop

huffingtonpost.com – Author of “Menstrupedia Comic,” Aditi Gupta, discusses how her children’s book will end the humiliation girls and women in India are faced with for menstruating. Growing up in India is far tougher …

(Not So) Fearsome Two-Headed Dragon

ripleys.com – Back in March, we introduced you to Toby the Two-Nosed Dog. He was the latest find of Todd Ray with the Venice Beach Freakshow. Toby’s doing great, but it looks like his status as the newest additi…

How patience can be a better balm for trauma than resilience – Samira Thomas | Aeon Essays

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aeon.co – In the Gardens of Babur in the Afghan city of Kabul stands a tree. It is now a bullet-riddled trunk in a garden originally built by the founder of the Mughal Empire. When the Taliban ruled Kabul, m…

The air is teeming with Picasso’s molecules

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Moose Allain

architectsjournal.co.uk – MONDAY An international meta-competition exploring the perception of human imagination has been announced by the World Federation of Plasmic Artistry. Thank God I renewed my subscription last month…

Crazy Tokyo: 5 of The Best Theme Restaurants In Tokyo!

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Murray Cohen

notquitenigella.com – Some of my favourite ever memories are of living in Tokyo. If a city were to be a map of my mind it would probably reflect Tokyo with burrows, people and stories lodged in every crevice. It is a ci…

Food in Your City: Exploring Tokyo’s Culinary Scene

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Murray Cohen

foodabletv.com – On the opposite side, in terms of the finished product, is Japan’s uprise of more modern approaches to culinary consumption, interpretation, and presentation. Take Le Musée, for example. While this…

The Debate: Is NAS whisky the enemy? | Scotch Whisky

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Murray Cohen

scotchwhisky.com – Six years ago, the message from the Scotch whisky industry – or at least from Chivas Brothers – was that ‘Age Matters… Look for the number. Know the age. Know whisky.’ Today, with warehouses runnin…

The Very First Color Photographs of the United States

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mymodernmet.com – You’re looking at some of the very first color photographs of North America! A fascinating new photography book called An American Odyssey opens the archive of the Detroit Photographic Company to r…

Carsten WITTEN

catherinelarosepoesiaearte.blogspot.com – ‘Io ho te Fandango leccata di piacere falena sospesa della notte in randagio sospetto…’ ~  Catherine La Rose ~ Carsten Witte born in Hamburg Germany in 1964, Studies of Visual Arts and Photograph…

22 ways to spot a Californian in NYC

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timeout.com – New York City is full of transplants who hail from all parts of the country and the world. It’s easy to spot the noobs, but even once they learn the lingo, there are a few kinds of non-natives that…

“El socialismo no es una idea mala; la mala era la versión rusa”: Svetlana Alexiévich

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Margo Glantz

elespectador.com – Dice estar cansada de sí misma después de viajar mucho, tras obtener el Premio Nobel de Literatura en 2015. Sin embargo, la bielorrusa Svetlana Alexiévich ofreció este viernes en Barcelona una larg…


Cuban refugees arriving in El Paso getting lost

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Team Trump

drudgetoday.com – The first wave of what could become thousands of Cuban refugees have begun arriving in El Paso. Four thousand expected in the next two weeks. KFOX14 discovered refugees are arriving confused and lo…

Here’s How To Use Social Media At Each Stage Of Your Career

fastcompany.com – You already know social media is a handy job-search tool. You dutifully update your LinkedIn account and scrub your Facebook profile of incriminating photos. But what you might not realize is that …


steampunktendencies.com – 2 311 notes Reblog This tielilyan-blog a reblogué ce billet depuis off-with-the-faeries prettygrowlface a ajouté ce billet à ses coups de cœur redligar a ajouté ce billet à ses coups de cœur blind-…

To Paint Is to Love Again: Henry Miller on Art, How Hobbies Enrich Us, and Why Good Friends Are Essential for Creative Work

brainpickings.org – One particularly icy winter day not too long ago, I reluctantly retired my bike, took the subway into Manhattan, and gave up my seat to a kindly woman a few decades my senior. We struck up a conver…

20 Minuten – «Flüchtlinge, spendet für arme Schweizer Kinder» – News

20min.ch – Die Regelung, dass Flüchtlingen in der Schweiz Geld und Wertsachen abgenommen werden, welche einen Wert von 1000 Franken übersteigen, hat international für Aufsehen gesorgt. Unter anderem berichtet…

The Badass Thing *Game of Thrones*’ Daenerys Targaryen Wears Under Every. Single. Dress.

glamour.com – When watching Game of Thrones from a fashion perspective, it’s easy to get swept up in the glam—the sweeping gowns, the rich fabrics, the capes. Costume director Michele Clapton is the one tasked w…

NACCHO Women’s Health News Alert : Aboriginal women’s lives really do matter

nacchocommunique.com – “Lynette was battered, bruised and ultimately destroyed by men’s violence. It was ended by the most obscene disregard for her humanity. The system did not protect her and justice has not been done….

More than 20 latin superstars perfom in Miami for Ecuador Earthquake survivors

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UN Development

latinamerica.undp.org – Miami, May 12, 2016 – For the first time ever, more than 20 Latin music artists gathered in Miami yesterday to perform in a star-studded benefit concert to support the earthquake-affected in Ecuado…

The deeper meaning of things: Does Everything Really Happen For A Reason – Magnificent Truths

magnificenttruths.com – We hear it all the time, that catch-all spiritual cliché that’s supposed to provide consolation when things go terribly wrong in our lives: “I know it sucks that your home just went up in flames, b…

✿ George TSUI ✿

catherinelarosepoesiaearte.blogspot.com – ‘Inutile celi i tuoi occhi dietro i miei ti copri d’inganno ogni volta è solo affanno… Farmi notare e lanciarti cupidi sguardi di tormento mentre fuori c’è un vento che strappa le foglie folla l’…

Here’s a list of 245 movies directed by women, on Netflix right now

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UN Women

qz.com – If you’re looking for a way to help combat gender discrimination in Hollywood, try watching movies directed by women. A network of female filmmakers called Film Fatales has compiled a list of all o…

Summer Reading Recommendations: a Dive Into Young Adult Fiction

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edutopia.org – If you’re looking for some good summer reads, consider diving into the world of young adult fiction. For those of you who teach grades six to nine, these novels will equip you with reading recommen…

Fempads Bring Freedom to Women and Girls in Rural DR Congo

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asafeworldforwomen.org – FEMpads are made and sent by a generous UK citizen named Sharon Multani-colebrook. “Sharon has been a good mother for all of us…  she is making our hearts feel at peace, feel loved.” – COFAPRI me…

Q&A: Ex-Mayor Michael Nutter recalls the night Amtrak 188 derailed in Philly

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Scott Hemmons

billypenn.com – In many ways Michael Nutter became the face of the Amtrak 188 crash. The train derailed a year ago tonight at Frankford Junction, late in his second term as mayor. Hours after the crash, Nutter rac…

The forgotten philosophers

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Andrew Hill

kjonnsforskning.no – “It is often thought that feminist philosophy emerged in the 1960s, but we can see a connection from the anonymous philosopher ‘Sophia’ in the 1770s, via Mary Wollstonecraft, Harriet Taylor and Sim…

Ronan Farrow escribe columna contra su padre Woody Allen por abusar de su hermana

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Margo Glantz

sinembargo.mx – Cannes (Francia), 14 de mayo (EFE).- Aprovechando que Woody Allen inauguraba el Festival de Cannes con su nueva película, su hijo Ronan Farrow cargó de nuevo contra él por los supuestos abusos come…

Sapulpa senior denied request to wear traditional Native American moccasins to graduation

kjrh.com – SAPULPA, Okla. – Many are confused after a senior’s request to wear cultural clothing to her graduation was denied. Liseanne Yazzie is a senior at Sapulpa High School and instead of wearing heels o…

From Yirrkala to catwalks: Meet NT’s entrant for Miss World

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Katie West

abc.net.au – When a model manager spotted Yirrkala-born Maminydjama Maymuru getting cash out of a Darwin city ATM in 2014, it was almost a cliché opening from a plucked-from-obscurity supermodel success story. …

Cannes Review: ‘American Honey’ Proves Andrea Arnold is One of the Best Working Filmmakers and Finds a Breakout Star in Sasha Lane

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indiewire.com – With only four movies in 10 years, director Andrea Arnold has developed a rich filmography that other filmmakers spend decades trying to accumulate. The former actor has made her name with a delica…

Theater Listings for May 13-19

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Karol Funch

nytimes.com – ★ ‘Bright Star’ Steve Martin (yes, that one) and Edie Brickell provide the gorgeous bluegrass score for this gentle-spirited, romantic musical about love, loss and redemption in the South of the 19…

James Corden Needed Carpool Karaoke as His Late-Night Staple

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Rira Dunn

variety.com – James Corden doesn’t need a script or a set of writers to impress audience members — his natural charisma and humor shined during his “The Late Late Show with James Corden” FYC panel at the El Port…

New President of Brazil, Michel Temer, Signals More Conservative Shift

nytimes.com – The contrasts could not be more glaring. Ms. Rousseff, 68, was a former operative in an urban guerrilla group. She was tortured during the military dictatorship and eventually rose to lead the boar…

Betraying Syria




Betraying Syria
Syria hovered over the negotiations with Iran. Leon Panetta, who served as Obama’s head of the C.I.A. and later Secretary of Defense said that Obama was obsessed with avoiding a conflict with Iran, even if it was at the expense of ignoring Syria’s tragedy, “If you ratchet up sanctions, it could cause a war. If you start opposing their interest in Syria, well, that could start a war, too.” When the author of the article asks Rhodes about the ability of White House officials “to get comfortable with tragedy” in reference to Syria, Rhodes’ answer is startling; “Yeah, I admit very much to that reality,” he says. “There’s a numbing element to Syria in particular. But I will tell you this,” he continues. “I profoundly do not believe that the United States could make things better in Syria by being there. And we have an evidentiary record of what happens when we’re there — nearly a decade in Iraq.”

When the author asks Rhodes why the Obama administration is “spending so much time and energy trying to strong-arm Syrian rebels into surrendering to the dictator who murdered their families, or why it is so important for Iran to maintain its supply lines to Hezbollah.” Rhodes mumbles something about John Kerry, and then says something to the effect, “that the world of the Sunni Arabs that the American establishment built has collapsed. The buck stops with the establishment, not with Obama, who was left to clean up their mess.” This cowardly denial and the claim that Obama is absolutely blameless in the slow death of Syria, is the most jarring in the article.

The Obama administration’s claims that Syrian tyrant Assad and his cohorts should have no place in the new Syria that emerges after the negotiations rings hollow. When the author describes Rob Malley, Obama’s senior advisor on ISIS and Syria as the official “currently running negotiations that could keep the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in power” the circle of deceit and the betrayal of Syria is complete. Les enfants terribles of Obama are like him; conceited, arrogant, contemptuous and proud of it.

Hisham Melhem is a columnist and analyst for Al Arabiya News Channel in Washington, DC. Melhem has interviewed many American and international public figures, including Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, among others. He is also the correspondent for Annahar, the leading Lebanese daily. For four years he hosted “Across the Ocean,” a weekly current affairs program on U.S.-Arab relations for Al Arabiya. Follow him on Twitter: @hisham_melhemimg_0429-1012

Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights

Mark Geoffrey Kirshner

Mark Geoffrey Kirshner

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Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights, by Mark G Kirshner: @MarkGKirshner

Source: Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights

Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights




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Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights, by Mark G Kirshner: @MarkGKirshner

Source: Tenth Wall Defense 4 Human Rights

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