1. it was a good book too. And one of the readers fleoowld the link I gave to see the cover, and ended up downloading the book as well. Now if I had not mentioned the book to him, he may never have found it, but I’m sure it’s being free factored in his choice



  2. I have been writing to spread awareness nationally and internationally about the Indigenous communities’ and refugees’ harsh life in Australia. Due to my writings, I was threatened by the government intelligence members. I was warned that if I continued to lobby for indigenous people and refugees they would find a way to connect me with drug trafficking or terrorism. I was banned from the RMIT University in Australia in 2004, while I was making local and international students aware of Australia’s harsh treatment of its Indigenous people and refugees.

    In 2008 the Australian government stole my passport, deleted my citizenship details from the database, and threatened to throw me in a detention centre as an illegal immigrant. My citizenship certificate no: ME9701311V, issued on 26/03/1997 has disappeared from the system. Still the Australian government hasn’t given a reason for deleting my citizenship. I wrote to the United Nations, and also to the other country leaders about this barbaric action. Due to the International pressure, the Australian government had decided to reinstate my citizenship in September 2008.

    The Australian government put me in hell for months, I couldn’t access to employment, unemployment benefit or health care. I am still traumatized by the Australian government’s barbaric action, and not comfortable to step into Australia. Therefore, I need your help to expose their ill deeds, and make sure that I am safe in Australia. The Australian government is very good in its propaganda. Most of the well known lawyers have declined to take my case, because of the Australian government’s negative propaganda. The Australian government won’t allow me to fight my case, because it will be a national embarrassment for Australia.

    Please browse http://www.indileaks.yolasite.com for more details



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