✿ Lucio AMITRANO ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


Source: ✿ Lucio AMITRANO ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


✿ Lucio AMITRANO ✿

‘Mentre diventi straniero
ti sollevo uno sguardo a tacere
ogni grave e acuto suono
che in gola mi sale…’

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Lucio Amitrano, figurative painter, one of the most famous contemporary masters of Italian art, was born in 1950 in Naples, Italy. Teacher currently lives and works in his villa on the island of Capri.
Wizard sets compositional complexity, combined with the large expressive color. Lucio unusual, no doubt, from personal experience, to explore the reality of their experiences and the reality of the rest of your dreams.

✿ Jeremy LIPKING ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte

Source: ✿ Jeremy LIPKING ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


✿ Jeremy LIPKING ✿

‘…fra i tremiti raggi
il vento l’accarezza
l’accarezza ancora
e ancora ripetutamente
quasi a frugar la spuma
in ogni suo orfano giorno
ogni assolo pensiero
e ..come un messia
tra le gambe
la salsedine attesa
l’accompagna…’da “Sola” di ~ Catherine La Rose ~

Jeremy Lipking, who was born in1975, in Santa Monica, California, is the son of a professional illustrator. While he emphasizes that he did not begin his formal studies until his late teens, the young artist’s early exposure to art gave him a sense of taste, perhaps the most important component of an artistic education. Lipking found himself most inspired by historic painters who combined the figurative tradition of the nineteenth century European art academies with an emphasis on the naturalistic landscape. Lipking enrolled in the California Art Institute, where he dedicated himself to long hours of drawing and painting, and now teaches his skills in art workshops throughout the country. A versatile painter, Lipking’s artistic output includes landscapes and still lifes, however he feels especially compelled to paint the most classical of artistic subjects, the human figure. By painting his subjects in outdoor settings, Lipking’s paintings are reminiscent of the artists of the nineteenth century naturalist movement, and like those painters, Lipking prefers to work in a cool, limited palette to create his unique sense of mood. Lipking is a Signature Member of the California Art Club. Lipking’s painting Shady Grove received both the Gold Medal and the Museum Director’s Award in 2001 at the California Art Club’s 91st Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition. His painting Antique Chair received the Museum Purchase Award at the 92nd Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition. His work has been published in Art-Talk, The Artist’s Magazine, Art and Antiques, American Artist, U.S. Art, and Southwest Art magazines.
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Wendy Ng with Bio

Wendy Ng ✿

Wendy Ng was born in Hong Kong, Educated in the United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Her heart has always desired to study art. She was also trained in Wimbledon School of Art’s Art and Design. Ng also has a background in advertising and publishing.
She paints in the traditional form but takes her ideas further by experimenting with patterns and textures creating a balance between Real-life Art and Abstract Art.
Wendy Ng captures beauty and femininity with her female portrait art, and making it more special with her ability to merge the abstract from realism. With emotions captured in every faces of her subjects, she is also able to create a patina of various patterns, which includes a subtle hint of geometrical art, leaves, rose petals, floral ornaments, spheres, pixels, squares, and many other shapes. The way she infuses these media into a luxurious form of portrait art is indeed amazing.

✿ Pavel BERGR ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


Source: ✿ Pavel BERGR ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


✿ Pavel BERGR ✿

 ‘E dimmi una volta…
che m’ami…
dimmelo sincero
senza una piega di voce
fallo scivolare
scivolare sinuoso
tra i capelli dolcemente
penetrarmi di linfa
fino al midollo
poi dimorare in un brivido
tra le curve della carne
nella dinamica dei sensi
la tua voce invadermi
come fossi già mio
come se già
parte nobile 
del mio respiro…’

~ Catherine La Rose©2012 ~

Pavel Bergr is academic visionary painter, born in 1957 in Strekov Castle, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic and works in painting, drawing, graphics and porcelain painting. Projects in conjuction with architects
Bergr has worked in co-operation with architects in the interior design of public buildings and is the creator of a number of permanent displays.
Bergr lives and works in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic.

‘And tell me once …
tell me you love me …
sincere without a foul voice
folds slid sinuously glide
through the hair gently
penetrate to the core of sap
then stay at a shiver so …
between the curves of the
flesh in the dynamics of the
senses your voice invade me
as if I were already mine as if
I were already part of the noble …
of my breath … ‘~ Catherine La Rose © 2012 ~

✿ Adam MILLER ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


Source: ✿ Adam MILLER ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte



‘Siamo in volo ora
ventaglio d’ali
di un palpito d’Amore
in a Butterfly Dream…
tua crisalide
di un primordiale volo

é pronta a librarsi in te…’

tratto da”A Butterfly Dream (Siamo in volo ora ventaglio d’ali di un palpito d’Amore…)” di ~ Catherine La Rose©2011 ~

Adam Miller is known for his contemporary figure paintings.  Born in 1979 in Oregon. He began an apprenticeship to artist Allen Jones at thirteen years old. At Sixteen he was accepted to the Florence Academy Of Art in Florence Italy where he underwent an extensive training in classical painting techniques and studied the masterpieces of the Renaissance firsthand. For the next four years Miller traveled in Europe studying the greatest art of the past, especially the Mannerists in Florence and the Flemish Baroque painting in Antwerp. Miller approaches his work as a theatre director, taking control of light and space to bring the visions of his imagination to life. His work is filled with Symbols and mythology that create an atmosphere of mystery and sensuality. His work has been commissioned by Robert Pamplin Jr., the Chairman of the Board of the Portland Art Museum, Mike Tyson, and Eric Rhodes, publisher of Fine Art Connoiseur. Miller has exhibited in both the U.S and Europe.

✿ Yuriy KOVAL ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


Source: ✿ Yuriy KOVAL ✿ – Catherine La Rose Poesia e Arte


✿ Yuriy KOVAL ✿

‘We followed instinctively
moving to the
spelling flight
between hands
projecting faster so
the distances
throbbing plains
Tattoo Love …’
~ Catherine La Rose © 2010 ~
from “dance and origami”
‘My hips
elevated anger
and swinging shadows
is languid sigh pores
biting your grip
and your hands light up
and are filled
with soft blood pasta …’
~ Catherine La Rose © 2010 ~
from “Madness Love tramp ”

‘And I hear you
I feel
jogging with your body
in riccioli passiflora
enveloped by the warm voice
of your skin … ‘
~ Catherine La Rose © 2010 ~
from “Fool for Love Tramp”

Yuriy koval / Юрій Коваль
Born in 1979, in Lviv (Ukrainia)
In 2004 he finished his studies at the Art Interior Design Department in Lviv National Academy of Arts.
Has been a member exhibitions since 2000.
In 2001 his solo exhibition was held in ‘Gerdan’ gallery, Lviv.
In 2009 his solo exhibition ‘Marionettes’ was held in ‘Green sofa’ gallery, Lviv.
Works are in private collections of Ukraine, Italy, Israel, USA.