1. This is nonsense. The Tenth Amendment oetprcts rights of states not enumerated and restricted by the rest of the Constitution. It has nothing to do with the rights of the people in the states (the non-enumerated rights of those folks are protected by the Ninth Amendment). The Tenth Amendment, while an important part of our American liberties, does not protect the people of the states against arbitrary and unjust treatment by state government. State government can be and is, in many cases, significantly less democratic than Federal government. Here is why.First of all, the turnout for state level elections is less especially when they don’t coincide with elections for President. This means that it’s easier for well-funded (see below) interest groups to capture state legislatures and governorships.Second, in cases where the state government is bought by funding candidates, this is cheaper than buying Congressmen or the Presidency. The 2008 Supreme Court decision Citizens United has removed all restrictions on the putative freedom of speech of corporations to donate massive amounts of funds to candidates, which builds in pro-business, anti-union and anti-regulation sentiment.Blowing up the Federal government as seems to be the programme of the current House of Representatives and their well-funded masters would NOT increase the liberty of the American citizen. Quite the opposite.It would be like trying to get rid of an asteroid headed for Earth by tossing a nuclear bomb at it, and creating many lethal pieces of rock in place of one. States and municipalities like Massachusetts and Berkeley would become even more like Communist societies in some measure, for they’d be empowered to make us all Politically Correct. But far more, most states would be even more willing to destroy schools and public libraries and build jails.There is NO SUCH THING as state sovereignity . The ONLY states of the Union to have been sovereign before becoming states were Texas and California. The remainder were colonies subordinate to England, then members of an emergency federation subordinate willingly to Congress during the Revolution, then signatories to the sovereignity-limiting Articles of Confederation and today non-sovereign states who cannot do things (conduct foreign policies, run deficits, etc.) that sovereign states can do, from the USA to Monaco.Therefore, nullification and secession is TREASON. And if you clowns pull that crap down there, the President has the right and duty to preserve and protect the United States of America by all means including war.



    1. You must have been drinking very strong coffee.Disagree with tone & tenor – By the wa it was Texas and Hawaii not California.You concept of sovereignty being exclusively Federal is wrong – that’s why a person charged under Federal law after acquittal by a state court -separate sovereigns. Be careful with your sloppy use of the word #Treason which is strictly defined in the Constitution



  2. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be truly something which I believe I would hardly ever understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post.



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