1. Linda,Thanks for taking time to share these two sites with me. I jenoyed them both but today, for whatever reason, it was John Ciardi’s article that spoke most to me.Without a wish to dissect out particular lines to preserve in my handwritten journal, I’ve instead printed out a hard copy to bookmark my current reading and in addition, bookmarked a digital copy to store in my writing resource file. The piece is a rich mine for meditation, just to slowly read until one feels a need to stop. And I plan to do this for the next week, after I’ve finished my own morning writing, just to see what happens.But I can’t stop without also holding up to the light what I most appreciated about the blog post: the author’s admission that he could not sum up his life and work in a 15 second soundbite. Poetry, at its best, must be the same way because it’s a living thing, it too cannot be dissected and summed up in soundbites without dying on the laboratory table. Which I guess was what was unwittingly happening in all my high school English classes, when I walked away glad that the poetry module was FINALLY over. It’s no coincidence that I always feel the same way after attending a funeral.Glad you came back and too, that you gave Billy Collins another hearing.Janell



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